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      Oglas objavljen: 13.11.2017

      URGENT cash loans in 24 hours

      Cena: 5.000,00 EUR €

      Prodajalec: ziliute88edita
      E-pošta: ziliute88edita@gmail.com
      GSM: 070184965

      Opis: Hi I am an individual who provides loans between individuals who require personal investment with a rate of 3%. The amount varies from 5000€ to 5,000,000€.I quickly and fairly. So I also hope that people are honest and trustworthy. Let us know in your application for a loan, the exact amount that you would like to and the date. If you need money for other reasons, please feel free to contact me for more information. Individuals are serious and honest, please contact me by email: ziliute88edita@gmail.com

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